Morning Snapshot

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Rose, stretched out on Beanie’s bunk reading Paradise Lost. Beside her, the bluebook she writes compositions in for the Spanish class she’s taking the community college, and a battered paperback copy of The Wizard of Earthsea.

Beanie, sitting on Rilla’s unmade* bed, drawing a sketch of Rose. Beside her, her Journey North Mystery Class chart.

Rilla and Huck in a corner of the living room, in the midst of a litter of Legos, deep in some complex game. Their tones are urgent, their faces serious. Vast, capricious forces are afflicting a host of small plastic people with a series of grave disasters. Rilla shoots a glance at her fellow demigod, brow furrowed.

“Nobody likes my jokes,” grumps the smaller deity. From the kitchen, I chuckle.

“Ha!” amends Huck. “At least Mom appreciates them.”

Wonderboy’s at school, Jane’s away at college, Scott’s in the back room writing a comic book, and me? I’m just soaking it all in.


*Recently overheard, Rose to Rilla and Huck: “Listen, there’s something you should understand about Mom. If she sees you’re in the middle of a really good make-believe game, she will never interrupt you to make you do your chores.”

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  1. Melanie says:

    What a lovely snapshot. I love the advice from Rose to Huck and Rilla. I’ve been known to hold off on asking kids to do chores or school because of fabulous games. But then sometimes I’m mean and make them find a stopping point. Because the games never end.

  2. sarah says:

    Sigh, so wonderful. These are the days of such nourishment for the soul. Such beautiful ordinary.

  3. sarah says:

    “If she sees you’re in the middle of a really good make-believe game, she will never interrupt you to make you do your chores”
    Oh, Lissa, we are such kindred spirits. My girls get away with so much when they are playing quietly and creatively together. I just can’t bring myself to interrupt unless it is absolutely necessary.

  4. Samantha Campbell says:

    I just wanted to say I’m so glad Sarah interviewed you on Read aloud Revival. I just got the Prairie Thief and the Roly and Inch books. My oldest and I are loving Praire Thief and my dyslexic son has read Roly and Inch by himself repeatedly on his on accord.

  5. Karen Edmisten says:

    Oh, Rose’s advice was totally the rule at our house.

  6. maria says:

    Oh, dearly love this —> * <— part most, out of this heart warming, swoon-worthy, sighing-a-happy-sigh blog entry. 🙂