The Far From Complete Blogroll

I have long since given up trying to keep a blogroll up to date. There are so many excellent blogs out there! I share links to individual posts that really jump out at me via my Google Reader Shared Items in the righthand sidebar of my blog. Here, in no particular order (seriously), are some of the blogs I regularly visit:

Left of the Dial
Cottage Blessings
Karen Edmisten
Herding Turtles
Minnesota Mom
Frog and Toad are Friends
The Common Room
Dewey’s Treehouse
Farm School
Castle of the Immaculate
A Spectrum of Possibilities
As Cozy as Spring
Knitting the Wind
Sweetness and Light
Journey of a Mother’s Heart
Higher Up and Further In
Handbook of Nature Study
LaPaz Farm Home Learning
The Cabbage Patch
Dumb Ox Academy
The Bookworm
Cay’s Cajun Cottage
Sandra Dodd
In a Spacious Place
The Family-Centered Life
Jen Robinson’s Book Page
Big A little a
Chicken Spaghetti
A Chair, a Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy
Falling Down Is Also a Gift
The Bower
Posie Gets Cozy
Angry Chicken
Soule Mama
Charlottesville Words
Holy Experience
Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
Mental Multivitamin
Glenn Greenwald
Crunchy Con
Slate Your Name
A Cup of Tea with Me
And Sometimes Tea
Small Things
Principled Discovery
Candy Blog
Arts & Letters Daily
Danielle Bean
Small Treasures
In the Heart of My Home
Starry Sky Ranch
Blessed Among Men
By Sun and Candlelight
Anne Marie Pace
Mother Crone’s Homeschool
O’Donnell Web
Ask Sister Mary Martha
A Gypsy Caravan
A Number of Things

And many others, including those excerpted in the NearCircle feeds below!