The Prairie Thief

The Prairie Thief

Release Date: August 28, 2012
By Melissa Wiley
Illustration by Erwin Madrid
Margaret K. McElderry Books
ISBN: 9781442440562

Experience life on the prairie—with one fantastical twist!

Louisa Brody’s life on the Colorado prairie is not at all what she expected. Her dear Pa, accused of thievery, is locked thirty miles away in jail. She’s living with the awful Smirches, her closest neighbors and the very family that accused her Pa of the horrendous crime. And now she’s discovered one very cantankerous—and magical—secret beneath the hazel grove. With her life flipped upside-down, it’s up to Louisa, her sassy friend Jessamine, and that cranky secret to save Pa from a guilty verdict.

How an Aurora, Colorado wildlife refuge inspired the setting for The Prairie Thief

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“Wiley has created a charming, inventive tale that reads like a delightful mash-up of Little House on the Prairie and Tony DiTerlizzi’s ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ (S & S). Short chapters and the air of mystery and suspense keep the pages turning, and readers will be taken with Louisa, who is sweet and mild-mannered, yet has the strength to fight for what is right. The writing is breezy and lyrical…[a] top-notch story.” —School Library Journal
“Fans of the Little House books will recognize the setting and enjoy the fantastic twist. Stylized black-and-white illustrations capture key moments and add to the warm tone. The comedic, unexpected, satisfying conclusion hits just the right note. A pleasing folkloric/historical blend.” Kirkus Reviews
"Wiley’s cleverly constructed story, which switches over to the circuit judge’s amusing perspective for a few chapters, is not only a fine tall tale but also gives some sense of nineteenth-century frontier life." —Booklist
"...a delight from start to finish." —Jen Robinson's Book Page
A Junior Library Guild Selection
The October selection on Bravewriter's 2012-2013 Arrow booklist
SCBWI Crystal Kite Member's Choice Award nominee
Children's Librarians of New Hampshire Great Stone Face Award nominee
Horned Toad children's choice award nominee

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