I’m Being Crushed by a Six-Year-Old

April 26, 2005 @ 1:22 pm | Filed under: ,

There’s more unscrambling of states going on in our house today…we stumbled upon this cool U.S. map puzzle at Jungle Arcade. Random states fall down the right side of your screen, and you drag them into their correct places on the map, racing to be as fast as possible.

Rose keeps beating me!

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  1. Mary Ellen Barrett says:

    Ok, I am addicted. I can’t seem to get below 61 seconds though. Is this hopelessly bad? I keep getting stuck by dropping Hawaii and Rhode Island. I’m like a monkey with a typewriter with this dopey game.

    I really enjoy your blog and I recently read Down to the Bonny Glen. What a wonderful book!

    Mary Ellen Barrett

  2. Jason says:

    Hello… jadowa from Jungle Arcade here. That game is one of my favorite on the site. I have the high score (or should I say low) and I don’t think I can get any faster than that.

    Good Luck To All Who Try!