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September 13, 2005 @ 3:35 pm | Filed under:

August was not a month for blogging; not for me, at least. And here we are well into September, and I’m looking around feeling dazed, wondering how our summer slipped by without a chronicle. I suppose we were too busy doing to do much reflecting. Or perhaps it is simply that sunscreen-slick hands can’t stay on the keyboard.

But this past week seems to have tipped us into fall. The pool is closed; the wooded trails around our neighborhood are cool and inviting; the kids are wanting to paint and ride bikes, things they haven’t bothered about since spring. And I’m wanting slow down and capture the moments that whisked past me these past few months.

Wonderboy had his surgery in early August and has made a good recovery. At last he can sit again, though he still seems uncomfortable in the car if the ride is more than a few minutes. He continues to explode with new signs: I lost count at fifty, and he adds new ones every day. When Scott was away this past weekend, the boy stalked the house signing “Want Daddy” until I thought his thumb was going to bore a hole in his forehead. I have to keep his thumbnail cut short or else he scratches himself something awful.

Beanie has announced that she hates her curly hair. She has the most gorgeous head of golden sausage-curls, really unbelievable hair of the sort that makes people happy just to see it. I expected it would torment her as a teenager but I certainly never imagined her hair woes would begin at age four. “I don’t WANT to be a curly girl!” she wails. This is the only gloomy note in her sun-drenched disposition. When she is not pining for straight hair, she bounces around singing, constantly singing. Sometimes the songs are her own made-up ramblings, surprisingly lyrical. Other times she amuses me with the Beatles or folk songs.

The other day she was stuck in a loop of “The Old Gray Mare.” After about forty repetitions, she turned to me and said, “What’s ain’t?”

I explained. She experimented with the synonym: “The old gray mare just isn’t what she used to be, isn’t what she used to be…nope, ain’t sounds better.”

Ain’t that the truth.

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  1. Julie says:

    Oh how I’ve missed your blog. šŸ™‚ Glad you’re back at it.

    My red heads have similar comments about their glorious locks. They didn’t like always being singled out due to hair. We used to counter such effusive comments (“Oh what gorgeous red hair”) with “And she has beautiful inner qualities too!” That usually stopped the flow.


  2. anne says:

    Welcome back…your blog is a wonderful one to read.
    We always want different hair than waht we have, don’t we???? I have totally straight hair and always wanted curly…..

  3. kimmy says:

    i’ve got the same story on my blog. summer is not a time for blogging when there is lazing and exploring and swimming and other summertime follies to be done…

    autumn, however, seems to beg introspection, wistfulness and doleful reminiscence. autumn also happens to be my most productive and creative season….so be on the look out šŸ™‚

    welcome back. i enjoy your bonny glen.