Jan Brett Is the Coolest

November 28, 2005 @ 3:49 am | Filed under: Advent & Christmas, Art, Books, Fun Learning Stuff, Picture Book Spotlight

039923101301_aa_scmzzzzzzz_I love author and illustrator Jan Brett’s work, and I love her website. What a treasure trove it is! She’s got a bunch of fun new activities up for the holidays, including a printable Advent calendar, a “decorate your own gingerbread house” game (you can print out your masterpiece and turn it into a Christmas card), an adorable hedgehog crossstitch pattern, and instructions for making an African Safari mural. And TONS more. Just too cool.

If you peruse my “favorite Advent & Christmas books” sidebar, you’ll see that Jan Brett appears numerous times. We’ve already pulled out the Brett books we own—The Hat and The Wild Christmas Reindeer—which we always enjoy at this time of year; and this morning we’re hightailing it to the library the second it opens to score copies of every other Jan Brett title we find. My brood is particularly fond of Gingerbread Baby, Trouble with Trolls, and The Mitten. I’ve got my eye on her Christmas Treasury as a possible St. Nicholas Day gift for the girls. (Note to self: don’t let Jane read the blog today.) St. Nick’s Day is coming up fast (December 6th), so I guess I’d better get on the ball.

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  1. no doubt, Brett is the coolest! My kids are in LOVE with her. We got the Christmas Treasury collection last year 🙂