I Knew Those Colored Popsicle Sticks I Bought Three Years Ago Would Come in Handy Someday

December 4, 2005 @ 10:52 am | Filed under: Fun Learning Stuff, Handcrafts

Some good ideas here: Christmas Crafts for Kids

Images2The star ornaments are just about my speed. Especially since my darling friend Brigid gave me a lifetime supply of hot glue sticks five years ago and I still have 98%-of-a-lifetime-supply left. Woohoo! Happy children + no shopping necessary = thank you Brigid!

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  1. Ah, glad I stopped by tonight. I have tons of those sticks (glue and popsicle)! Guess what my kids are doing tomorrow. ? 😉

    Thanks Lissa.

  2. Andrea used to have a craft and hobby supply store. Some of those popsicle stick things are harder than they look. A 6 pointed star might be easier.

  3. Hey, I can handle these crafts! And my kids will actually think they’re complicated! (Isn’t that sad?) Thanks for the link.

  4. And I still have a lifetime supply of hot glue sticks left. Like a ten-pound bag. 🙂