Feel Like Poking Around inside a Pyramid?

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Or how about building a Viking ship and setting sail for some nice looting and pillaging? Or maybe you’d rather dive for sunken treasure. Now’s your chance…

If the games on this BBC History site are anywhere near as good as they look, we’re in for some serious fun. I took a quick peek at the new Egyptian archaelogy game, Death in Sakkara, and good golly, does it have Jane’s name all over it. I’ll be back with her report later.

Here’s the complete games list…Look! They even have Scottish history!

Anglo-Saxon Coins
Death in Rome
Death in Sakkara: An Egyptian Adventure
Gladiator: Dressed to Kill
The Mummy Maker
Pyramid Challenge
Viking Quest

Dig Deeper Quiz
The Diving Game
Hunt The Ancestor

Church and State
Church Tour
Elizabethan Spying Game
Whose House?

Society and Culture
Gunpowder Plot Quiz
Historical Costumes Game
Muck and Brass
Who Wants To Be A Cotton Millionaire?
Women’s Rights

Wars and Conflict
Battlefield Academy
Battlefield Academy: Battle of Trafalgar
Battle of Hastings
Battle of the Atlantic
Battle of Waterloo
SOE Quiz
Weapons through Time

Scottish History Games
Walk through Time

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  1. Andrea says:

    Okay, that’s the second excellent link I’ve found here today! I’m not getting anything done. 😉