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The Common Room’s Headmistress explores the fallacy that one must be highly educated to have penetrating insight and complicated thoughts in her essay on Shakespeare and false assumptions. My husband has been similarily railing against such snobbery for years. Excellent.

Over at Big A little a, Kelly brings to our attention The Sunny Side, a recently rediscovered collection of A. A. Milne’s short stories.

A 4RealLearning member points out another way to feed your book habit: Paperback Swap.

(Also good: library sales. Seems like they’re always ditching the really good stuff, and for mere pennies. Thanks, Joann, for reminding me.)

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  1. Karen E. says:

    The Common Room post on education is tremendous. I, too, have little patience with such snobbery (perhaps because I am largely self-educated when it comes to homeschooling, children, the Catholic faith, and on and on and on ….)

    But, Lissa, *please* … stop posting such interesting links. I have too much laundry piled up here.