Feast Your Eyes and Ears

February 24, 2006 @ 3:45 am | Filed under: Art, Audio, Books, Clippings, Fun Learning Stuff, Poetry

A smorgasbord of links to share:

Hone your note-reading skills with this free online drill at MusicTheory.com. (Hat tip: MacBeth.)

Explore free art lessons at the Getty Museum (Hat tip: Tabatha Yeatts. Thanks for sending the link, Tabatha!)

Interested in Australia? Here’s a great list of picture books from Down Under!

The Headmistress treats us to several sites featuring free audio recordings of literature and children’s programming, including this terrific find: Librivox, at which site you may listen to a long list of unabridged classics including Pride and Prejudice, Pilgrim’s Progress, A Little Princess, Notes from the Underground, and Call of the Wild.

And speaking of audio, Farm School‘s Becky has the scoop on audio recordings of poetry.

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