Amiable Indeed: the Charlotte Mason Blog Has Begun

July 22, 2006 @ 3:40 am | Filed under:

The delightful Amyable of Among Women, the Blog of Virtues, and Haiku of a Homeschooler has taken me up on my suggestion. It gives me immense pleasure to announce the launch of a blog called A Full Life: The Works of Charlotte Mason. Says Amy:

My goal here is to share the wisdom of Charlotte Mason as seen in her
writings, in manageable, “muse-able” sized pieces. For my own sense of
order and sanity, I’ll be going through her six volume “Home Education”
series, in order.

Hurrah! This is just what I had in mind. Now we can add it to our Bloglines subscriptions, and (as Ann said in the comments this morning) get our Daily Dose of Charlotte Mason. What a manageable way to read—or re-read—her books! Brava, Amy! And thank you!

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  1. Listening says:

    I am THRILLED!!!! Dancing, I am! Subscribing through Bloglines now, and posting a link in my quiet corner.

    My hearty thanks, Melissa and Amyable! Let’s spread the word!

    Ann V.

  2. Amy says:

    Oh, thank YOU Lissa, for the idea! I hope I can do it justice!

  3. Tricotomania says:

    Charlotte Mason

    For any of you interested in Charlotte Mason, there is a new blog that is posting her original writing in short, ponderable bits. This was suggested by Melissa at the Lilting House. Although I have no plans to do CM

  4. Among Women says:

    A Full Life

    I was trying not to toot my own horn, since there are so many people out there tooting it for me, lol, but I thought I should at least *mention* that I did in fact make up a new blog, called A Full Life: The Works of Charlotte Mason. I’ll be posting a…