I Bet Mama Whales Never Feel Crowded at Night

January 10, 2007 @ 8:18 am | Filed under: Family Adventures

Beanie had a high fever last night, so I let her sleep with me. Around four in the morning she whimpered a complaint: "I don’t have enough space!" Um, child, may I point out there are two feet of empty bed on the other side of you? (Daddy having vacated to sleep with fever victim #2, his son.)

Our whispered conversation roused the baby, of course. (That would be the child sleeping on the other side of me, with two feet of empty space on HER side, too.) I rolled over to nurse Rilla. Beanie, left alone in her vast expanse of bed space, began to muse.

"Mommy, did you know that whales are mammals?"

Me:  "Yes. They nurse their babies too, just like people."

Bean: "Well, not JUST like people. They nurse them underwater."

(P.S. Fever is down this morning, yay.)

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  1. It might be kind of fun to just swim along and make baby have to keep up with you to nurse! (Better than you having to sit still and hold on to him tightly to keep him from doing backflips while nursing…)

  2. OH, I know how you feel! We have a king size bed, but with the steady stream of little ones coming in at various times of the night, it seems we have a twin bed!

  3. Oh my …the whale comparison is too funny. Those are the wonderful little memories to cherish. I am sorry your little ones have been sick.