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The Horn Book reviews the new Beatrix Potter movie, which stars Renee Zellweger as Miss Potter.

Rod Dreher, author of Crunchy Cons (a book I have been meaning to read), is doing some rethinking.

Have you read the December issue of The Edge of the Forest yet?

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  1. Katie says:

    Poor Rod. He sounds as confused as my husband. I tell him to cheer up – I voted for Clinton twice. I don’t understand why he can’t be a conservative and still question authority.

  2. MamaB says:

    I’m reading Crunchy Cons now and I’m pleasantly surprised how much I am enjoying it since the conservative perspective/view is not something I typically have myself. Worth the time to read in my opinion.

  3. DeputyHeadmistress says:

    The Rod Dreher story was interesting, but somewhat inaccurate. In order to bolster the impact of Rod’s alleged ‘conversion’, there has to be more than a little dishonest representation of Rod’s conservativism. But Rod’s ‘conservative’ credentials are hardly impeccable, and Jonah Goldberg didn’t just start criticising Rod’s inconsistancies because of Rod’s new feelings (and that is basically what they are) about the war in Iraq. Jonah has been pointing out that Rod is no conservative at all for almost two years that I know of.
    Unfortunately, the Crunchy Cons blog where most of that criticism took place at National Review Online is down, but I quoted quite a bit from it here: