Poetry Friday: “Letters from a Father”

March 15, 2007 @ 9:00 pm | Filed under:

I love this poem by Mona van Duyn and was so happy to find it online, in full, at the Poets.org site. Here’s a taste:

We enjoyed your visit, it was nice of you to bring
the feeder but a terrible waste of your money
for that big bag of feed since we won’t be living
more than a few weeks long.  We can see
them good from where we sit, big ones and little ones
but you know when I farmed I used to like to hunt
and we had many a good meal from pigeons
and quail and pheasant but these birds won’t
be good for nothing and are dirty to have so near
the house.  Mother likes the redbirds though.

Read the rest. The closing line is a jewel.

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  1. Maureen E says:

    I just read that poem! It was in the anthology for my English class. I can’t remember at the moment whether it was one of my extra-curricular excursions or whether it was assigned but I did enjoy it quite a bit.