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Just discovered a broken link in the Carnival—my apologies, T!

To read T.’s interesting comparison of Readerware and LibraryThing, click here. These are both tools for cataloguing and organizing your books. I’ve been slo-o-o-wly entering my book collection into LibraryThing over the past few months. (Here’s what I’ve done so far.) Jane helps me by reading off the book titles or ISBNs. I had this thought that we’d enter one shelf’s worth of books a day, but that was about 14 days and 1.5 shelves ago. Whoops.

T. is using an electronic scanner gizmo called a CueCat (available for $15 from LibraryThing) to enter her books into the online databases and is then exporting the files into her own Excel file. This CueCat thingie looks pretty nifty. I just might have to fork over the fifteen bucks to give it a try. I’m also wondering if a certain father-type person in, say, a suburb of Denver has one yet. Because, you know, a certain daughter-type person on the West Coast notes that a certain father-oriented holiday is coming up…

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    Love2learn Mom says:

    One neat thing about LibraryThing is that you can go to someone else’s catalog and do a one-button click to add books from their catalog into yours (works best in the list view). Might save a little time in entering, though it might add to the confusion going from one shelf to the next.

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    Laurie M says:

    You can borrow mine!!!
    I have 2. I’ll bring next week and explain.
    SO GREAT to meet you yesterday!

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    Somebody's Funny Grandpa says:

    Well, I heard from, umm, a friend who heard from a friend that there is at least one father-type person in that particular neighborhood who hasn’t quite yet got around to ordering his own CueCat.

    Ironically, I can tell you he had planned to order not one but TWO of the things! Perhaps he’ll procrastinate for a while longer. After all, he puts the PRO in procrastinate.

    His wife, by the way, sends her love to you and your family. (Ditto from me, too!)