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July 25, 2007 @ 8:50 am | Filed under: Fun Learning Stuff

Thought I’d share a quick link we made use of yesterday…Rose wanted to learn to make friendship bracelets, and we couldn’t find our copy of the Klutz book. This site has instructions for beginners, including a how-to from the very same Klutz book!

Meanwhile, did you see this on BoingBoing? A version of Tetris that uses the United States. We are soooo going to be late for the next thing we have to do. I must dash. I had no business turning on the computer this morning. The girls are eating breakfast but the boy is still in bed and did I mention we’re going to be late?

Karen understands so very well

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  1. Can we make friendship bracelets again? That is awesome! I remember making (and receiving) those in high school. I am heading out for embroidery thread asap tomorrow morning.
    And the map thing? Another high school memory because I was amazing at Tetris. My daughter loved playing this with the states. She is very quickly learning their positions on the map. Wonderful links all around!!