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Sarah wants to know what’s on your kitchen windowsill. On mine:

A red geranium in a white pot.

An aloe, slightly withered at the tips because I go through periods of plant neglect, in a green pot.

A little fat round cactus in a plastic pot with holes, so that the one time I watered it, dirt and water ran all over the sill).

A Pampered Chef baking stone scraper.

NOT the seven medicine cups from various bottles of cough and cold medicine that had accumulated there during early spring and which I finally collected and put away about a week ago.

A white cow creamer. This was a wedding gift, and it was one of the very few things we actually got from our registry. We laughed and laughed when we registered for that cow. It was ironic and retro before ironic and retro was trendy. Which may be the only time in our lives that we have been cutting-edge.

A kalanchoe, not in bloom at the moment, in a blue and white pot. Oh, and a smaller blue and white matching pot shaped like a watering can. I love blue and white china. Adore it. Sometimes there are tissue-paper flowers in that little pot, and sometimes other things. A fresh blossom from outside, when I remember.

An empty spot in the middle where the red cup of nasturtiums was. I loved those so much that I planted some in our yard. And they’re blooming now, just beginning to explode. Time to go a-picking.

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  1. Anna says:

    Two Pampered Chef scrapers. hee
    A miniature kerosene lamp that has an incandescent bulb inside, but doesn’t work.
    Two wooden stars, painted red and white. (I wish I had a blue one!)
    An antique oil of almond bottle, the label is in Spanish.
    And… one 3×5 plaque that reads “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13” (For goodness sake!)

  2. Sandra Dodd says:

    An amber glass bowl with bit marbles in it (shooters and larger), with a stainless-steel easter egg in it that has chimes inside sitting on top of the marbles.

    A new (today!) tooth-pick dispenser, and the little glass we’ve had toothpicks in for months, that gets knocked over periodically, but it’s still there at the moment.

    An egg slicer too fragile to leave in the drawer with other utensils.

    A brown ceramic bottle I bought in England in the late 1970’s for a dollar or so, probably an oil bottle from the 1700s. Funky; ugly; special.

    A three-sided, heavy greenish glass vase my friend Wendy gave me (full of M&Ms when it was new, and sometimes has flowers, but not today).

    That was from memory. I’m going to go and look. Add one smaller vase (empty), another real-egg-sized egg (stone), bowl of rocks and a prism.

  3. Sandra Dodd says:

    biG marbles, not “bit marbles.” Sorry.