Links for June 22, 2008

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  1. Fabulous! I went looking for Mr Rogers videos a while back with no success.

  2. You know, I was trying to look up some episodes on YouTube, and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t obscene (seriously). I’m glad you have this link, now I can show my son something that I loved so much about that show!

  3. Awesome!!
    Thanks..we LOVE Mr. Rogers here!

  4. Thank you, thank you! Ainslee LOVES the “how you make stuff” videos from Mr. Rogers.

    To the above commenter, my girls and I have watched people singing various songs we are memorizing, watched Eastern Orthodox services in other countries and in ours, and watched Chinese dragon dances, mostly in San Francisco. Oh, and finger knitting tutorials. All on You Tube. My dh and I are addicted to the badger commercials LOL. I’ve actually never watched anything obscene on YouTube!