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I promised to show a picture of the table runner I made. It’s not a great picture, but that’s okay because it’s not a great table runner. But I’m pretty pleased with it. The runner, I mean. The other side is the same green floral as the ends here. The checked fabric—which has green in it and isn’t as orange in real life as in this photo—was a long scrap from the curtains I made for the kids’ craft room.

I had fun with Flickr’s “add a note” feature if you want to click through for commentary on the photo. Well, actually, it’s another photo almost exactly like this one, revealing what happens when Scott walks into the room.

I’ve been in a very handcrafty mood lately, as my last couple weeks’ worth of posts probably make obvious. I tried my hand at the zipper pouch from Bend-the-Rules Sewing, inspired by Jenn’s lovely pink patchwork pouch. This was my first-ever attempt at putting in a zipper, and, well, it zips. Just don’t inspect the ends too closely…

And now that it’s finally feeling cool enough (in the mornings, at least—we’re melting by noon) to think of baking, I’ve been pining for my lost sourdough starter. We suffered a little fridge snafu a while back, and room temperature was way too hot for my starter, which had been living in the freezer through the hot months. It got moldy. Sob. Also, ick.

So I’ve been tempted to order a new one, but I thought first I’d try my hand at starting one from scratch. Some sites describe this as a ridiculously easy undertaking. Other sources say ominous things about poor success rates in arid climates, which we certainly have here in the decidely dry eastern half of San Diego County. But hey, a cup of flour and a cup of water is pretty low overhead for an experiment. So on Thursday morning I mixed up a batch and put it in a warm corner. By Friday it was already looking promisingly bubbly.

I fed it twice yesterday, and this morning it looks frothy and vigorous. (Blurry photo: snapped hastily in the midst of getting breakfast for my little people.)

Think I’ll give it one more day to get established and maybe try it in some biscuits tomorrow. Just about time to move it into the fridge, too.

And finally, a little backyard beautification project: the kids are decorating our side of the neighbor’s big ole wall with sidewalk chalk. It’ll last a long time here in did-I-mention-it’s-very-dry? San Diego County. I think we’ve only seen rain once in the last four months.

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  1. mamacrow says:

    too hot for baking? kids in tshirts? chalk not being washed away by rain for ages?

    I know you’re ‘just’ over the atlantic, but gosh, you could be on another planet!

  2. Anne V. says:

    I agree with mamacrow. Our temp will be 32 tonight and my littlest smells snow in the air–oy!
    Loved the different photo of when Scott walks into the room–too precious.
    Oh, and you are doing be-u-ti-ful work! On the crafts, and sewing. 🙂

  3. Activities Coordinator says:

    I just returned from a cold and damp weekend camping with my cub scout. Warm and dry sounds great!

  4. Lecia says:

    Love that last picture!

  5. Leonie says:

    Love the wall – and the table runner!

  6. patience says:

    Very nice indeed!

  7. Kristen Laurence says:

    Pretty projects! And we miss that adorable Rilla – such a sweet picture.

  8. Melissa Wiley says:

    We miss YOU! Thanks again for those gorgeous flowers. 🙂

  9. Jennifer says:

    I love all your projects. And I’m so impressed with your starter – so bubbly! I only managed the truly “from scratch” once. I had much better luck last year with the King Arthur starter until a little gnat landed in it and then it’s just gross.
    And the colorful brick wall looks like vintage Sesame Street – awesome.