Hey Penny, About Those Acorns…

November 30, 2008 @ 1:53 pm | Filed under: Nature Study

…looks like your bumper crop might be a rarity this year. Anyone noticing a dearth of acorns as described in this WaPo article?

“I’m used to seeing so many acorns around and out in the field, it’s something I just didn’t believe,” he said. “But this is not just not a good year for oaks. It’s a zero year. There’s zero production. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Sounds like it might be a good year for my East Coast bird-loving friends to put out some nuts for the squirrels, too.

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  1. We had twice as many as usual, in Oklahoma City.

  2. Quite the opposite here in the south. Interesting.

  3. Don’t know about acorns, but I have a bumper crop of pecans in my yard. Hundreds of pounds of pecans. (southern VA)

  4. Interesting. We had almost no acorns last year (2007) due to a late freeze in the spring but this year we’ve had our normal amount or more.

  5. We’re in NH and we’ve got a bumper crop this fall.

  6. we have oak trees on my street here in OC, and it seems to be the same crop as usual.

  7. Didn’t notice the acorns this year, but practically no horse chestnuts. For a while we thought other people must be gathering more than usual as we checked all the usual trees, but in the end, I think the crop was poor.

  8. In New Jersey, my two black walnut trees did not produce a single nut this year. Very strange . . .

  9. No acorns here at all in Central Virginia or at my mother’s in Northern Virginia! My mom has about 40 oak trees and I have hundreds. Very strange! No acorn fights for the kids this year. We usually have so many we can’t walk through the yard.

    I hear that they are blaming it on the drought.

  10. Hey Lissa! Nice big fat squirrels here, but of course that could be because they polished off a 25lb bag of birdseed I just dumped in the feeders last Thursday (Happy Thanksgiving, squirrels…).

    We seriously had a ton of acorns this fall. They drop onto my roof in the kitchen (so I hear them constantly) and cover a tiny deck out front, as well as our yard out back. Hopefully they will send some good vibes to their brethren throughout the land!

    I have great faith that the oaks will recover. The squirrels too 🙂

  11. Our two year old managed to fill her little pail with “haycorns” on our walks round the block this fall, so no noticeable shortage here in MA.

  12. I saw a whole lot of acorns a few weeks ago in Charlottesville. Maybe from just one kind of tree? This couldn’t be some delayed effect of the 17 year locusts, could it? After all this time?

  13. South Alabama chiming in:
    We have so many acorns, we could raise hogs from them. Can’t walk in the yard without crunching.
    Not so great on the pecans this year.
    But last was a great pecan year, so I guess the trees need a rest.

  14. We DO put out squirrel food…It’s called bird food for songbirds! It works every time!