The Definition of Shudder

October 18, 2009 @ 12:22 pm | Filed under: Nature Study, Photos


Banded Garden Spider. Legspan: three inches.

That hole at the tob of the web?

Is where I stuck my hand.

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  1. Calli and I are struck dumb.

    We like spiders.

    A lot.

    But maybe … maybe not quite so … large.

    And close to home.

  2. eek!

  3. ACK!!! I truly feel for you! I didnt touch these guys:

    but walking past them was enough to really bother me.

  4. I did that once with a Black and Yellow Agriope and my head. I was weeding the spice bed, and then I screamed.

  5. Sounds like the definition of *splat* to me…

    lol not really. “All God’s creatures have a purpose” and all that.

    but still…

  6. Yikes! You have my sympathy. I did that last year but my spider was a Black Widow.

  7. Beautiful!!! You can call her Charlotte and then she won’t seem so creepy.

  8. Yikes and ugh.

  9. Yep, that’s enough to make me shudder too!

  10. Wow! Just gorgeous–not saying I’d want to have one crawling on me, but still–the colors! The markings!

    How big was it?

  11. Beautiful Spider!
    They don’t bite people – and they are very good for our gardens.
    Great shot – Melissa 🙂

  12. Sympathy Shudder!