Our Week in Books: Friday

July 10, 2010 @ 9:17 am | Filed under: Books

For one week I am attempting to record everything each member of the family reads. Today is day four. Day one. Day two. Day three.

—more Dorothy Sayers
Mansfield Park (cont.)

The Long Patrol (cont.)

Mossflower (cont.)

—Um. Weird. I seem not to have read anything from a book on this day. Really? Can that be right? Read a fair amount online, but no fiction. Well, we had other things going on. Our kitchen Monarch emerged from its chrysalis. I got a haircut.

read aloud to littles:
—the Searching for Small chapter from House at Pooh Corner
(big kids couldn’t help listening)
Today I Will Fly by Mo Willems (actually, delightfully, Rilla read most of this to me)

Feed (cont.)

After he emerged, we moved him to the backyard. Photo by Jane.

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  1. I would love to hear Jane’s opinion of Mansfield Park when she has finished it. (I’m currently reading it myself.)

    Still waiting for hair photos.

  2. I just finished “Feed” and loved it – I hope they’re enjoying it. Although I did have zombie dreams for the next two nights after finishing it 🙂

  3. Celia, yes, Jane was captivated and unsettled. Which was pretty much my experience. I’m eager for Scott to finish it…much to discuss. Including this timely and thought-provoking post at Farm School.

    Sarah, LOL! Scott actually did take pictures last night—he hadn’t seen my tweet about Jaclyn Smith hair when he got home from work, and he walked in the door and started laughing & calling me Angel. It’ll never look like this again, I’m sure (who can spare time for blow-drying when there are books to be read? and Huck-babies to tickle?), which is just as well, because it’s way too glam for everyday life. Maybe if I go to an LA premiere someday. 😉

  4. Wow! McBoo & I love the monarch photo! Great work, Jane!!!

  5. BTW, re FEED—did I say this anywhere yet? A heads-up for parents uninclined to preview it: lots of profanity. Actually quite appropriate in context: characters falling back on empty stock phrases because their dependence on the media/info-feed implanted in their brains has rendered them unable to articulate (or even experience) original thoughts.

    Also some sexual content.