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I was looking through my posts from previous Halloweens in search of a particular picture (which I still haven’t found) and detected a bit of a theme.

Bah, Humbug (2005: My true feelings come out. “Forget Scrooge, forget the Grinch—what I really need is an iconic literary character to represent the curmudgeon I become in late October every year…”)

Help (Also 2005: A brief postscript.)

Dear Whole Wide World, I Have a Small Request (2006: A plea to postpone Halloween that year. I got no takers. Imagine!)

Something It’s Important to Know about Living in Southern California (2006: Pumpkin soup, sun-tea style.)

2007, 2008, 2009: Silence speaks volumes. I can’t seem to find anything at all about Halloween. Nada. Crickets! I mean, really, what kind of blogging mother omits to mention the kids’ favorite day of the year, three years running?

This is a day when I’m scrambling around, madly helping children put finishing touches on costumes. EXCEPT NOT THIS YEAR because my awesome parents took the kids shopping while I was at Kidlitcon, and voila, costumes accomplished! Let’s hear it for the grandparents.

Also for the calendar, for letting Halloween fall on a Sunday this year, which means Scott’s around to supervise the pumpkin-carving. He’s the trick-or-treat captain, too. Come sundown, he’ll sally forth with the crowd, leaving me all alone with my best friend the Giant Bowl of Candy.

Huh, maybe this holiday isn’t so bad after all…

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  1. lol! And I remember posts from recent years – you did one about the Saints costumes… but maybe those only count for Nov. 1?

    Alas, I’m learning to like Halloween, but only a little, and in terms of leftovers… the creepy stuff, well, it’s creepy!

  2. Your biggest girl will be able to take the little ones out for the next couple of years and then halloween will be on sunday again:)

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