This and That, and a Poem by Rose

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Last call for signed Martha and Charlotte books before Christmas!

• Here’s a sticky-note for my gift ideas roundup, now that my post office story has pushed it a mile down the page.

• I was interviewed in the Laura Ingalls Wilder edition of Ink and Fairydust, available here. Fun!

• Got a nice shout-out from the awesome Mia Wenjen at Pragmatic Mom, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at KidlitCon. We connected over our mutual love for Betsy-Tacy and All-of-a-Kind Family. Mia’s right; All-of-a-Kind is another golden series that deserves some time in the spotlight. I love those girls!

• Another sweet mention came from Amy at The Poem Farm, whose poems delight me daily. Daily! It’s amazing! Inspiring!

Rose is inspired, too. She showed me a poem yesterday, adding shyly, “You can post it for Poetry Friday if you like.”

I do like, my sweet.

The bank in summer is always green,
While in winter it’s a glistening white.
Spring, it attains a dew kissed mint,
And fall, it glories with amber sight.
So throughout the year, it is oft diff’rent
Color, each morn and night.
Such color, such beauty,
It is always filled with stunning light.

Poetry Friday is at Jama Rattigan’s Alphabet Soup this week.

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  1. Avatar

    coffeemamma says:

    Rose, it’s absolutely beautiful!

  2. Avatar

    sarah says:

    What a wonderful poem! “It glories with amber sight” is a fabulous line. Well done, Rose 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Tabatha says:

    “Dew kissed mint” is a sweet description! Very nice, Rose. Thanks for sharing it, Lissa.

  4. Avatar

    Carlie says:

    I’m also a fan of the “dew kissed mint” and the Mama who said “I do like, my sweet.” You are both fantastically cute.

  5. Avatar

    Jennifer says:

    Oh Rose! Such a beautiful poem!

  6. Avatar

    PragmaticMom says:

    Thanks for the shout out and the support for getting All-of-a-Kind Family (all the books, not just the first one) back in print. If anyone has clout, it’s you!!! 🙂

  7. Avatar

    Hannah says:

    Rose, that’s amazing! You have poetry in you — keep it up!

  8. Avatar

    Heather says:

    what a beautiful poem!

  9. Avatar

    Amy Ludwig VanDerwater says:

    Oh Rose, to watch the light through the year in one place. You are both poet and scientist. I hope to read more of your poems here! A.