Men at Work

February 13, 2012 @ 7:46 pm | Filed under:

While the Sculpey catfest was going on in the girls’ room, my boys were busy making Valentines.

Be still, my hearts.

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  1. Avatar

    sarah says:

    love it, and love WB’s hair!

  2. Avatar

    tanita says:

    Awwww. Someday you should hire those guys to do some batiking for you. Wouldn’t you love those hearts on the bottom of a skirt? (and the fingerprints that would go with them???)

  3. Avatar

    sarah says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Is the bird placemat one of the one’s your dad made? I love it!

    Hugs to all–Sarah

  4. Avatar

    Melissa Wiley says:

    @sarah 1, thank you! His hair is getting long and it wants to grow straight up in the air, it seems. 🙂

    @tanita, oooh, THAT is a scrumptious idea!

    @sarah 2, yup, that’s one of my dad’s placemats. If you flip it over it’s pictures of the family. We use them for EVERYTHING. And btw, do you see who’s peeking over Huck’s head from the bulletin board? 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Ellie says:

    So very sweet. **melting heart**

  6. Avatar

    sarah says:

    Oh, I didn’t see that. Awwwww.