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Maria asked about the book Beanie was poring over in this photo. I replied in the comments, but in case you missed it: it’s the Mouse Guard role-playing game manual, a gorgeous hardcover, fully illustrated book by David Petersen, published by Archaia.

You may recall my gushing about the Mouse Guard graphic novels many times over the past several years; Petersen’s artwork is phenomenal and my children, especially Beanie, have thoroughly enjoyed the stories and have reread the books many times.

We’ve had the RPG manual for a couple of years and I know Beanie has put dozens of hours into creating characters and backstory. I’m not sure how many campaigns the kids have actually run but we’re planning to launch one soon. Beanie has been regaling me with her character’s family history…her young mouse soldier has apiary and insect-lore skills, and hails from a small village in the west. šŸ™‚


GeekMomIn other news: Big doings for GeekMom this week; we’ve moved to Wired.com! Here’s a piece I wrote earlier this week on German language apps for kids.

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  1. Maria says:

    Thank you for posting this! See, I’ve read about Mouse Guard quite a few different times and then I forget about it. In fact my most recent re-discovery of it was last week, only to have forgotten about it by this week. Yes, my mind tends to have thoughts that are a bit like floating dandolin seeds that can be swept away in an instant….such has been my good intentions to do more than read about Mouse Guard and actually get my hands on the lovely books! I keep forgetting about them when at the comic bookstore or library.(I was just at the library tonight)

    SO, again thank you for the post and thus reminder. My youngest is deep into Redwall currently so I think he will equally enjoy Mouse Guard and the RPG too. Giddy! I just get all happy when I see the art work. I want to walk into it! šŸ˜€

    Okay, iPhone in hand ready to add Mouse Guard to my booklist notes page. Hmmmm, now to remember to check my list next library or comic bookstore trip.
    šŸ˜‰ maria

  2. Fe says:

    Oooh! We’ve been thinking Puggle’s the right sort of age to try role playing, (he’s so into gaming right now), but we’re uncertain which system to start with–this may be the answer!

  3. David says:

    This looks fantastic. Thanks!

    I grew up in a house that wasn’t comfortable with RPG’s, but I think our boys would love it. Any other suggestions for the 8-12 crowd?