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Thursday means a new Thicklebit.

This week, it also meant a morning at the park. I took a zillion sundrenched photos of happy kids running wild under the old trees and along the grassy paths, but at the end of the day my favorite is this rather melancholy shot of my two youngest, exhausted by freedom.

How was your day?

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    Ellie says:

    I’m not I even still remember yesterday already … (if you follow my poor grammar!). A typical lesson day, I know that … A day in which my mind kept circling back round to “how much should I worry?” over the statement from the doctor that the spot on Eli’s forearm bone might be bone cancer, ut we have to wait for follow-up x-rays, to see if it grows/changes … So then I kept having to reign myself in. ‘just pray’, right?

    You’re day at the park sounds lovely, and that’s a wonderful photo. I can see why it’s you’re favorite: it’s the sort that I’d frame and hang, myslef (well, of my own kids, not your necessarily!).


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    Ellie says:

    {{okay, wow, forgive typos!!! My hand-eye coordination is getting worse}}

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    tanita says:

    “Exhausted by freedom.” Love that.