She’s drawing right now.

January 17, 2013 @ 9:31 pm | Filed under: Art, Photos, Rilla

Year after year, kid after kid, those Draw Write Now books continue to inspire.




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  1. Your girl is so talented with her drawing – but then, all your children seem to exude creativity. Those Draw Right Now books appear to bring a precision and technicality to drawing, in a gentle and sweet way which encourages rather than admonishes children.

    By the way, that’s article about soil degradation sure is scary.

  2. I clicked over to agree with you and now I can only think that we don’t have the butterfly book! Love these. I probably heard about them from you – so many happy memories.

  3. Thanks, you two! Sarah, I’m with you about that soil article. I found it so alarming I couldn’t offer any commentary, just a mute link. (Adding it here for anyone who may see these comments after the link scrolls out of my sidebar.)

  4. Awesome. 🙂

  5. We love those books too. *I* use them when I make cards – very handy 🙂

    Although even on my best day I’m not even close to as talented as your lovely daughter.

    I’m off to read the soil article. But I’m scared.