The Crozet Library Book Brigade

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Unbelievably awesome. Our beloved old library in Crozet, VA, housed up until now in a tiny ex-train-depot, has just moved to brand new quarters several blocks away. How did they move the books? The citizens of Crozet lined up and passed them hand to hand.

Over three hundred volunteers showed up to help the books along their way.

Here’s a photo essay. My pal Sarah H. and her daughters are among the helpers! What a gorgeous thing for a community to do.

Lots more photos and videos at the Crozet Library website.

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    Erin says:

    Beautiful. Makes me wish my library were moving so we could show up and help!

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    lesley austin says:


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    Jane says:

    Thank you so much, Melissa, for sharing our story! Be sure to stop by the new library whenever you’re back in Crozet–a great new library large enough, now, to serve the community, with plenty of parking (you may recall the seven spaces we had to date), and great big windows framing the view of the Blue Ridge! Thank you again.