Tidal Homeschooling—Got Questions?

January 20, 2014 @ 10:48 am | Filed under:

Quick note to say I’ve updated my Tidal Homeschooling page. Are there any questions or topics you’d like me to tackle?

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  1. Mary Alice says:

    I think that this describes our homeschooling very well, also. The biggest problem that I seem to have is trusting, especially in the low tide moments, that things are going to shake out alright. I have always loved Saxon math, and I have switched over to Seton to provide a spine for our English grammar, but some of my kids seemed to pick things up (reading, spelling, math facts) really quickly, which left lots of time for high tides in fun subjects or for free play/unschooling with no guilt, just a lego all day kind of day. Those kids were always “ahead” by any standard measure, so I didn’t worry about it. My middle children are much more “average” in their learning, and when we go for a while without structured school, they fall “behind”. On a good day, I can say “behind what, and by whose measure?” but I also have a lot of doubt, and I know that they do need to learn to spell one of these days. However, limited by those fears, and also, as you mention, ten years older and with more children in the house, I think even our high tides are less enthusiastic, I would much rather they go play by themselves so that I can get the laundry done for a change rather than my participating in, say, building ancient Egypt out of play sand or whatever we used to do.