Poetry with kids, Storified

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Today on Twitter Sally Thomas wondered aloud what a ‘poetry-centered curriculum’ would look like, and a marvelous discussion ensued. Kortney of One Deep Drawer went to the trouble of Storifying the conversationβ€”what a gem she is! Do hasten to her blog and enjoy it. (This link goes to her intro post, which links in turn to the Storify.)

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  1. sarah says:

    Oh my, so much wonderfulness! Unfortunately I could only read one page, I don’t know if there was more? Such an really intriguing idea. And I sure wish I could get my hands on those poetry workshop handouts … or attend one of the workshops myself!

  2. Melissa Wiley says:

    I’ll find a way to share the handouts next week (got a busy weekend ahead) — maybe a public Evernote file or Google doc? Though having you attend (and teach with me!!) would be much more fun. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Yes, the Storify went on for two more pages–arrows at the bottom, I think? I had to look twice. πŸ™‚

  3. Melanie Bettinelli says:

    Oh lovely, lovely, lovely! I miss Twitter, but I can really only do one scrolling attention-sapping social thing and Facebook won out as having more people on it I want to keep in touch with. And not having the character limit makes long conversations easier. But I do miss the Twitter community. I’m so glad this conversation was archived so I can enjoy it vicariously.

    A poetry-centered curriculum. I could go for that. Oh yes I could. And I’d love to peek at the handouts too. I just can’t resist wanting to know.

    Yesterday Bella discovered the poetry snippets in the Comstock Nature Study Handbook and got so excited. She wants to use them for her copywork. She thinks they are the kind of things fairies would say as they wander through fields and woods. So she’s writing all the lines about spiders and I decided our next memory work will be Whitman’s A Noiseless Patient Spider. Sophie and Anthony are on board too, reciting the first lines with me this evening as I worked on dinner. While Bella was too immersed in Narnia to pay attention to anything else.