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This make-your-own map is going around Facebook and I couldn’t resist.

Create Your Own Visited States Map

(Cut off on the left: everything’s pink except Maine and Rhode Island.)

I’m a little tortured by that Arkansas gap! On our cross-country trip four (!!) years ago, we just barely missed that state; our route eastward took us through Tulsa and then northeast to Mansfield, MO, to visit Rocky Ridge Farm (naturally). We almost nicked the top corner of Arkansas then, but nope. And on the way back, we took the southern route through AL, LA, TX and so on.

I’ve been back and forth past RI several times too, en route from NYC to Massachusetts. But somehow we never drove through it.

Funny that two more of my missing states (so far I’ve been to 40, which ain’t bad) are major Little House milestones! One of these days I’ll get to DeSmet, SD, and Pepin, WI, for sure.

Beyond the borders of the U.S., I’ve been to four countries: Canada (for a wedding in Toronto, but I really need to hie myself to PEI one of these years, too); Germany; France; and Spain. Germany & France were one summer during high school, when I got to stay with a German family for a couple of months. They took me all over the country, with a week in Montélimar, France (nougat capital of the world) to boot. And Spain was the awesome week in Barcelona with Scott in 2008. A life-changer in some ways, that one.

But then I suppose all travel is life-changing!

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  1. phoebe says:

    I still feel so silly for being too shy to ask you to visit OKC on that trip. Four years, you say? Good grief!

  2. Ellie says:

    See all the treasures just waiting for you? 🙂 …. I’m thinking that to truly discover the nature of the Dakotas and Wisconsin, you’ll need to travel in winter!

    • Melissa Wiley says:

      Brrr, at this point I’m so spoiled by SoCal that I probably couldn’t even handle, say, late FALL in WI. 😉

      • Ellie says:

        It was 6 degrees below 0 the other morning when we got up …. Think of it as something to experience at least once before you die :-p


        • Scott says:


          The first time I went to visit Lissa, after hearing for some time how perfect Colorado was, and how surprisingly warm the winter days, I enjoyed temperatures of 24 degrees below zero. I was so grateful not to find out what the surprisingly cold winter days could possibly be like.

          • Ellie says:

            Ha! Of course, I’d forgotten Lissa grew up in CO, Scott!

            Well then, Lissa, no excuses about southern California spoiling your bones 🙂 WI would be easy peasy.

  3. Melissa Wiley says:

    Update from my dad: it seems I have been in Arkansas after all:

    “Missy, if I remember correctly, we did cross over the Mississippi River into Arkansas and then immediately back into TN during a trip that took us from GA/AL up to Memphis to meet the Forneys after I got back from Korea. You’d have been about five then, so you might remember it better than me. 🙂 “

  4. Joy says:

    I live in northwest Arkansas! You need to come here! Popping into West Memphis hardly counts.