Merry merry

December 26, 2014 @ 5:43 pm | Filed under: Family, Photos

As of this moment, my 2014 Cybils work is done. Well, except for hauling a metric ton of books back to the library. Whew!

Since October 15th, I have read 79 young adult novels. Seventy. Nine. So now you know why this blog has been so quiet. But ahhhh, here I am, ready to settle back in and, you know, put the B in CYBILs. (Children’s and Young Adult Blogger Literary Awards.) Consider yourselves warned. 🙂

For now, though, today, the day after Christmas, I’ll content myself with a few thousand words’ worth of pictures.

christmas morningChristmas morning

birdbook20 Ways to Draw a Tree: the bird page

bongoboywatching TV with his new best friends

monopolyChristmas night: gaming like the olden days

Hope your holidays are happy and restful, friends. And filled with good books!

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  1. Merry, Merry to you, too!

  2. Merry Merry Happy Christmas to you all Lissa!!

  3. Merry Third Day of Christmas, Lissa! xo

  4. Ah, how I miss the palm trees out the window on Christmas! Happy holidays to you all!

  5. Thank you, my dears! Erin, I miss knowing you’re just up the road, so to speak. I can’t believe we squandered our years of living in the same county and never got together! So glad I can still keep up with you via your blog. (And now Instagram! Hurrah!)