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Taken at the Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park. No filter on that sky! Just pure San Diego blue.


I started to write a list of all the things that have kept me too busy to blog in the past week, and just contemplating such a mammoth catalog of events was exhausting—forget writing about it. Suffice to say it’s a good busy?

But I ought to jot down the highlights before they blur away into the past.

1. The last first loose tooth. ::sniffle::

2. After being rained out several Mondays in a row (to our vast astonishment, for we had all but forgotten such a thing as rain exists), we finally got to take Beanie on a promised trip to Balboa Park—just Bean, Scott, and me—for a museum ramble and lunch at the Japanese Tea House. Utterly delightful day. Rose stayed home and baked cookies with the littles, so there was contentment all round. We meant to visit the Mingei but I forgot to check its hours and yep, Monday’s the day it’s closed. Not a problem—not at Balboa Park. We walked across the way to the Museum of Man, which we hadn’t visited since our first year here. (A visit that sparked what is probably my favorite post I’ve ever written on this blog.)

3. Saturday’s Reading Week event at the New Children’s Museum was loads of fun. Wound up reading a total of five books (four of them mine, plus a Peter Rabbit board book that one little girl begged for most earnestly, and who can resist that?) to two groups of children. What a gorgeous space. And the Learn2Earn folks, who organized the author visits, were awesome. Enjoyed chatting with them. Dav Pilkey of Captain Underpants fame had a slot earlier in the day.

I have several more events scheduled this month. I’ll be ready for some low tide in April! Though not perhaps on the homeschooling front. We’re having too much fun with Big History Project (Bean & Rose) and American Tall Tales (Huck & Rilla).

I dunno, do you guys think I'm wearing my wings too low?

I dunno, do you guys think I’m wearing my wings too low?

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  1. sarah says:

    wonderful days 🙂 I love the photo of you!

  2. sarah says:

    That monster picture is way cool! Those wings are perfect for you.

    The Big History Project looks awesome. This is the first that I’ve heard of it, and I am definitely going to check this out more tomorrow (way past my bedtime now!)–how are you using it? Are you just diving in or are you integrating it in something else? Looks like it might be something fun for us to do over the summer.

    Last first tooth–sigh. We are at that stage, too. I never thought I would be so nostalgic about all of these “lasts,” but I am savoring each and every one. They are going so fast. I have intentionally put off reading “Understood Betsy” with Evelyn, because I don’t want this to be the last first time and if it is, I want to make sure she’s at a point where we can really enjoy it together.

  3. Kortney says:

    Oh, I like those hippy wings!

    And it just dawned on me that our Nico, who’s a few months younger than Huck, would start losing teeth soon. Till now Mabel had the Tooth Fairy all to herself!

    We did a Tall Tales rabbit trail in the Fall–when Nico was Daniel Boone for Halloween. We also live close by this guy: Cowboy songs are big these days:

    Looking forward to low tide…I miss my Twitter bestie!

  4. maria says:

    heehee Love the monster wings. 🙂

    Oh dear, last first loose tooth! :sniffleindeed. How can your littlest be that big already?!
    Ah, those little loose teeth….my fifteen year old recently found his old tooth fairy pillow, hidden away somewhere in his room, and there were two tiny teeth in the pocket!(what’s up with that tooth fairy?;) Sigh….the memories.

    Yours and Scott’s day with Beanie sounds like pure, lovely delight. 🙂

    Ooooooooo! The Big History Project looks wonderful!!! Hmmmmm, have I seen this and forgotten? It seems familiar, but the video doesn’t. Anyway, thank you for sharing the link! Just what I’ve been looking!

  5. maria says:

    Didn’t mention that I so wish we lived near enough to go to one of your events. And reading your description of the story time read aloud reinforces that wish, and also makes me wish I were five years old again. 😀

  6. Selvi says:

    Without belaboring any details about where our centers of gravity lie as women and mamas, I’ve always thought that wings would work better if they lifted right around the center of gravity. That’s if you want to fly horizontally so you can see down. You, of course, are an angel, so you’d probably fly vertically while strumming your harp.

  7. Karen Edmisten says:

    Good on your good busy! Love the photos, especially your wings, and I can’t believe that the last first loose tooth has happened …. :/

  8. Melanie Bettinelli says:

    How can he be old enough for his first loose tooth? Impossible I say!