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milkweed march 2016

Been working my tail off, hoo boy. Poor ole blog went dark again: not enough hours in the day. I have hopes of moving a bunch of things out of drafts this weekend—I’ve piled up so much here in bits and pieces!

Quick notes before I put this computer away for the night. Finished Murder for Her Majesty today—my readaloud with Huck and Rilla for the past month or so. SO good and highly recommended. One of their favorite readaloud novels yet, I do believe. Young Alice, on the run from her father’s murderers, bumps into some amiable choirboys who hide her in their ranks. Elizabethan intrigue with a delightful similarity to Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonsinger (which is what I feel like reading next).

Garden: blooming. Nasturtiums, hyacinth, tree mallow, milkweed, freesia, lavender. Daffodils have been and gone.

Learning notes: Waltzing Matilda (current folk song), Journey North Mystery Class (started quite late—yesterday in fact!—but we’re caught up now and going full throttle), Latin, German.

My first Brave Writer class, Comic Strip Capers, is wrapping up Week 2 and I’m all smiles at the hilarious scripts and clever drawings my students are turning in. I’m having the time of my life with these kids.

Am tuckered out. Night, y’all.

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  1. Ellie says:

    Lissa! {{hugs}} and prayers and loves to you! What a lovely little listing of Good Things 🙂

  2. Susanne Barrett says:

    So glad your Brave Writer class is going so well; it’s so fun to see your comments as we work the kinks outta our new classroom. When I first joined Brave Writer back in 2002, we were teaching from Yahoo! Groups. Yep, e-mail loops. I still have some classes in my files formatted with html markers. So this new classroom is completely blowing my mind!!

    My daffodils are almost done here in the mountains. I picked the last of them to give to our rector’s wife for her birthday yesterday. Mine are the pale yellow ones–so delicate and not as showy as the bright yellows.

    Enjoy this glorious Saturday before the rains come on Tuesday!

    Susanne 🙂

  3. sarah says:

    Such loveliness, this is the way to fill a life 🙂