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You know about the long, flower-drunk photo walks that carried me through the long, flower- Portland spring. I enjoy going through my photos later and marking a few to share on Instagram. I don’t like to do heavy edits but I do usually bump up the contrast a little bit and adjust exposure if necessary. And I nearly always nudge greens just a tad bit bluer. Sometimes I try out filters in VSCO but most filters seem to tone down the rich, saturated color I seek out when I’m taking pictures. I enjoy looking at other people’s soft, pastels and filtered light, but I’m a color junkie and my own photos are a reflection of that.

(Greens bumped toward blue here but the orange and pink are straight from Mother Nature.)


The Index Card a Day Challenge. Every day, splashes of color on a simple index card. Low pressure, high fun.


Reading The Penderwicks to my kids. We’re just about to finish the first book, which got as many giggles and belly laughs as it did the first time around, when I read it to my older set. (Nope, I haven’t read the new one yet! It’s on the list, of course.)


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    Penelope says:

    Nothing like a daily dose of flower photography, art, and reading with the kids to soothe the spirits 🙂

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    Emily says:

    I can’t wait to read the last Penderwick!

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    Penny says:


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    monica says:

    My son just read the Penderwicks (all 3 old ones) on his own after we had read them aloud several years ago. Penderwicks in Spring should have a warning that kleenex is necessary when reading. Cant wait to read the new one!