An April beginning

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Cherry blossoms, Portland Oregon, April 2023

Not long after I resumed regular blogging here, our lives skittered sideways again: we learned that our landlord is going to sell this house and wouldn’t be renewing the lease. He gave us a generous six months’ notice and the right of first refusal on buying the house, but (long story short) we couldn’t make that work and we wound up buying a less expensive house not far away.

It’s lovely and I love it and I think we’ll love living there, once the horrors of moving are past, which won’t be until June. I’ve been writing a lot about it on my Patreon, so I won’t repeat the stories here. But there are stories already!

While our housing situation was in flux (I mean it’s still in flux; we’ve barely made a dent in the packing; but packing-and-moving is a different kind of flux than eek-where-will-we-land), I found myself unable to write much over here. I needed the more private (non-searchable) space of Patreon to talk about all this. But now that we’ve closed on the new house and have a clear timeline for moving, I want to re-reestablish the Bonny Glen habit I was reestablishing in January when shoes began to drop. So here I am. Saying not much of anything, but it felt good to click on Add New Post.

Anyway, here (above) are cherry blossoms on the branches of a tree that wasn’t mine when I took the photo—but is now! Consider this the start of a bloom diary for the new house. A cluster of daffodils by the front walk has just begun to fade, now that our rainy spring chill has turned to hot summery sunshine all of a sudden. (Hopefully not to stay. I’d love to land somewhere in between for a bit.) Everything else in the yard is just beginning to bud or leaf out. Lots and lots of treasures there. A lupine, even!

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  1. Katie @ The Cozy Burrow says:

    What an upheaval! I’m so glad you were able to find another home so quickly. And a lupine is a wonderful surprise!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Melissa. Take good care!

  2. Penelope says:

    Oh, how lovely to be able to buy a house. I hope in the end it is all happily coming together *well* (I understand completely the need and desire to be able to share things a little more privately — just sorry I cannot afford patreons). Offering all the good thoughts and prayers and virtual packing tape for the upheaval required to make the up/out/in manageable!

  3. Sharon Weil says:

    I’m so happy to see you still posting things, sI haven’t come across you in the cyberworld in many years for whatever reason. I came to your blog today because I was recommending the Little House prequel series to someone on Mater Amabilis on Facebook and I couldn’t remember all the author names. Breaks my heart to find that so many of them are no longer in print. I’m so glad I bought them when I did!