The Nesting Diary

Or: The Great Declutter

6/28 Sat (day girls left for CO):

• sorted piles on liv. rm table. Half bag of paper recycling just from junk mail. Evidence of my not feeling well these past weeks! Table is clear now except for the yarn basket & a pretty magazine.

• Half-sorted basket under end table: pulled out the trash, at least.

• Made a start at the craft room bookshelves. Cleared off trash, rearranged so all books fit.

Mon June 30

• Went to Target for storage bins

• Worked on girls’ closet. Oh my Lord. So far: one bag of trash, one box of giveaways. Tip of the iceberg. I am totally overwhelmed.

• As a break from The Pit (aka the girls’ closet), tackled more craft room shelves. Filled another bag with trash. Long way to go in there too.