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I’m Melissa Wiley, author of more than twenty books for kids, including:

The Prairie Thief
Fox and Crow Are Not Friends
Inch and Roly, an early reader series
• the Martha and Charlotte Little House books

My new middle-grade novel, The Nerviest Girl in the World, will be published by Knopf in August 2020.
(It’s available for preorder now!)

I’ve been blogging about my family’s reading life and tidal homeschooling adventures at Here in the Bonny Glen since 2005. I’m @melissawiley on Twitter and @melissawileybooks on Instagram. Let’s connect!

On the Blog

“I can’t breathe”

Don’t listen to me today; listen to Charnaie. I watched the video already knowing the plot: the villain, the conflict, the climax and the ending. I watched in utter disbelief and complete sadness as another Black …

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I live in a garden

First: very important: in that last post, I forgot to caption the photo! This matters only because I meant to say it was my neighbor’s garden, not mine. That daisy-and-lupine combination is magical and …

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69 days and counting

Astonished, I watch people in other states flocking back to crowded rooms and long queues. I shudder to imagine the steep rise we’re bound to see on the charts in the coming weeks. We …

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Introducing Pearl, The Nerviest Girl in the World!