Melissa Wiley

Melissa Wiley is the author of more than a dozen books for kids and teens, including The Prairie Thief, Inch and Roly Make a Wish, Fox and Crow Are Not Friends, and the Martha and Charlotte Little House books. Melissa has been blogging about her family’s reading life at Here in the Bonny Glen since 2005. She is @melissawiley on Twitter and @bonnyglen on Instagram.

On the Blog

december 12: blue’s clues flashback

File under: prepare to melt. A Shutterfly email just served up these (rather grainy) photos of the time my three youngest kids dressed up as Magenta, Steve, and Blue for Halloween. I’m DYING of …

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december 4—nope, make that the 11th

…Or maybe I’ll blink and another week will have zipped past. I knew mentioning that blog challenge was dangerous. Nothing derails my plans like sharing them here on the blog. 😉 But here, I’ll just …

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Book deadline looming! I’ll be in the cave for a few weeks but you can always find me on Instagram. Big plans for this space in the fall, including a long-overdue site update. (Mobile functionality, here we come.)