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January 18, 2006 @ 6:12 am | Filed under: Art, Fun Learning Stuff, Geography, Methods of Home Education

Some folks in Illinois have come up with something new: a “homeschool-along.” Sounds similar to the kind of group artist and composer studies that take place at Ambleside Online and 4 Real Learning. From the Homeschool-Along site:

A monthly topic will be picked and we will all homeschool along. The first topic is China/Chinese in honor of Chinese New Year. Anytime you do something about the topic or find something cool about the topic, share it right here.

HT: Andrea at Atypical Homeschool.

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  1. In case anyone is interested, we’re doing something similar for Geography at The Map Guy

  2. Hi. Sorry if this is a little off topic but I was so excited to find out that you have a blog! πŸ™‚ I love the two new “Little House” series’ that you’re writing (Martha and Charolette) and was wondering when books 5+ for both of them were due out? The last books came out in 2003 I believe and although I only bought them (the first 4 for both) this past Fall 2005 I instantly fell in love with them, maybe even more so than with the original series. Please tell me a release date for new books is in the NEAR future? πŸ™‚