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Welcome, New Readers!

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There’s been a lot of new traffic to the site as a result of the BoB Awards. I thought I should take a moment to introduce new readers to the rest of my family, since I’m the only one with a nifty “About Me” link. My fabulous husband Scott holds forth here. “Jane,” who chose her alias in honor of a favorite book character (it was a close race between Jane of Lantern Hill and Triss), is ten and a half at the time of this writing. “Rose” is our sweet and thorny seven-and-a-half year old. “Beanie” is bouncy daughter number three, a hairsbreadth away from turning five. “Wonderboy,” who earned his nickname before he was a week old (and continues to add to its legacy on a daily basis), celebrated his second birthday last month. And then of course there is Baby Girl Whose Name We Aren’t Telling Yet, who is due to join the party in April.

Welcome to all the new visitors. I’d love to get to know who you are, so please feel free to drop me a note or comment!

In other blog news, I should mention that I have revamped my blog categories. When I began the blog, I was resistant to labeling our learning adventures with academic subject names, since for us all subjects are intertwined. However, I realize that readers who are looking for resource suggestions for specific subjects such as math, history, and so on, find it easier to zero directly in on their topic of choice. With that in mind, I have revisited every post in my “Fun Learning Stuff” category and added a specific subject tag as well. If you click on Archives and Categories in the right sidebar, you’ll see what I mean.

Also, there’s a new feature in the right sidebar. Click on “This Time Last Year” (under “Where to Find Me”) to see what was happening here in the Bonny Glen one year ago today. I’ll update the link daily, more or less.

BoB Awards Update

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Bless their hearts, those hardworking folks behind the BoB Awards have persevered this week through enough technical difficulties to stump NASA. To all of you who wrote me to say that you had been unable to vote more than once, or (in some cases) unable to vote at all, please don’t be concerned—it seems this was a problem across the board, affecting all the finalists. I am genuinely stunned and honored by the number of Bonny Glen votes which did make the tally, and I want to thank all of my supporters from the bottom of my heart. Wow! This has been an exciting and extremely gratifying week! Many, many thanks to all of you.

Because of the polling glitches, the BoB folks decided to end the voting period as of 4 p.m. Eastern time yesterday. Now the judges will grade the finalist blogs for readability, presentation, and content, and these scores will be added to the points earned by popular vote. This means that it is still anyone’s race. Best wishes to all my fellow finalists. I have so enjoyed exploring some new blogs during the course of this contest, and it has been a pleasure to hear from the new readers who stopped by to check out Bonny Glen. Again, thank you all!

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