Journey North’s Mystery Class Begins Monday

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From Journey North:

World Citizens Needed to Solve International Mystery

Calling all emissaries of inquiry. Ten secret Mystery Classes have gone deep undercover around the globe. In fact, they’re so hidden that their location might never be located again–that is, unless YOU join together as citizens of world to find them. You’ll connect, collaborate and compete to solve this international mystery. (How secret are the locations? They’re so top secret that details of their whereabouts are not even known here at Journey North–except in the minds of one or two people, and they’re not talking!).

There’s no time to delay. The hunt begins Monday, and you’ll only have eleven weeks of sleuthing before you’ll be asked to solve THE mystery: “Where in the World Do You Think Our Ten Secret Mystery Classes are Located?”

Click here for more details.

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  1. Nancy C. Brown says:

    This looks so cool! Melissa, you find the most awesome web resources, thanks!