Picture Book Spotlight: Are You a Butterfly?

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075345608701_aa_scmzzzzzzz_Are You a Butterfly? by Judy Allen, illustrated by Tudor Humphries.

“Are you a butterfly? If you are, then your parents look like this.” Beanie bursts out laughing. Her parents don’t look like butterflies! This sweet, simple book takes the reader through the life cycle of a butterfly. Although this is far from new territory for my five-year-old (her oldest sister, after all, is an enthusiastic lepidopterist who has been enthusiastically indoctrinating her sisters in the wonders of butterflies for years), Beanie greatly enjoyed this fresh look at the subject. The clean, crisp, detailed artwork gave us lots to pore over, and the engaging text sparked much conversation—especially the part about the caterpillar splitting its skin.

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  1. Love2learn Mom says:

    I love these books! I’ve seen them at a friend’s house, although we don’t own them ourselves yet.