Prayers for Missey

March 2, 2006 @ 8:52 am | Filed under: Clippings

This morning I learned the terrible news of the death of a homeschooling mom after an emergency c-section yesterday. Missey was a member of the Ambleside Online list, where I have been a lurker for years. She also maintained a lovely blog called Heartschooling. Her last post was just yesterday, a cheery account of taking her son to the doctor.

Please keep Missey’s family in your prayers. She leaves behind a devastated husband and five children ages 11 to newborn.

UPDATE: The following was posted by Loa on Missey’s “BasicallyBeechik” list yesterday:

I have spoken to Missey’s family and they are touched by the outpouring of love and support from everyone. They are devastated by the loss but dealing with it as best they can.

For those who want to make financial donations, it would be greatly appreciated by the family. We have set up a memorial fund at Paypal. (Click here to contribute.) They did not have life insurance for Missey and I know this would be a blessing to help cover the funeral and other expenses. Krystal is a long time friend of Missey’s and mine and I can assure you that each and every penny will reach the Gray family.

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  1. That is horrible. I have a friend whose baby is due via c-section (planned) on the 15th, so I can really see how awful that would be.

  2. Ohhh…her poor family. That is so sad. Especially after reading her upbeat post from yesterday.

    I will be remembering her family in our prayers.

  3. Goodness, what a horrible story. She and her family are in my thoughts.

  4. Truly a devastating story. I’ll be praying for Missy and her poor family.

  5. Please add to your prayer list

    A fellow homeschooler and blogger died suddenly this week. Shortly after making a cheerful blog entry , she died during an emergency c-section on March 1st. Her website is

  6. Praying for Missey’s family. Live each day is if it is your last…..