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Diseased Rabbit Trail

March 28, 2006 @ 3:32 am | Filed under:

Jane has a request. She read an article about the British doctor who tracked down the source of a cholera infection in London in 1840. This has sparked her interest in (and I quote) “germs, bacteria, diseases, microbes, and things I can watch wiggle under a microscope.” We have a couple of books on Louis Pasteur somewhere around the house, but before I launch a library and Google search I thought I’d ask the question here. Got any favorite bacteria-themed resources?

A kind neighbor surprised us with dinner the other day and mentioned that she’d been running flu tests at the pediatric clinic where she works. Jane’s eyes bugged out with awe and longing. Some people, you could see her thinking, have all the luck.

Ah, disease…exactly the sort of soft and snuggly unit study a nesting mama yearns to arrange in the final days before the baby arrives.