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May 5, 2006 @ 2:47 am | Filed under: Poetry

Kelly over at Big A little a started a custom of sharing favorite poems on our blogs every Friday. For my contribution this week, I have something special: a poem written by 12-year-old Agnes G., which her mother shared with readers at The Cottage Garden yesterday.

The sunset shattered into shards of stars,
A million fish within a velvet sea,
A million angels in a heaven of clouds,
A million eyes, all staring out at me.

The moon was a lady, dancing, whirling
A tarentella through nighttime air,
Dropping her moonlight, streaming, swirling,
Dropping her moonbeams everywhere.

The clouds dispersed in multitudes. I saw
The star formations, children of the sky,
The wind did whistle in the dusky boughs,
The dry leaves sang their songs as they flew by.

The moon was a lantern, calmly keeping,
Her vigil o’er the stars by night,
Shedding her moonbeams, sobbing, weeping,
Shedding her tears of silver light.

At last the rosy fingers of the dawn,
Touched the horizon, turning it to blue,
And Oh! I miss the little glinting stars,
Although the day is beautiful and new.

For the sun is a brand whose ceaseless burning
Illuminates all of the daytime sky,
But the moon is gentler, humbly turning
The nighttime over to the stars on high.

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  1. I know one twelve year old who is going to go crazy when she sees this post.