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Stay Tuned to ClubMom

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So I dropped a hint the other day about my upcoming new gig. has decided to launch a group of blogs blogged by mommyblogging bloggers who are also mothers. They’ve assembled a diverse bunch of moms who will blog on such topics as: weight loss, pregnancy, cooking, religion, staying home with baby, parenting tweens, parenting teens, parenting special-needs children, and (drumroll) homeschooling. (Bet you didn’t see that coming.) (Okay, so you saw it coming a mile away.) Starting in the next few weeks, I will actually be getting paid to blog, which is both very nice and hard to believe.

Last week ClubMom began to roll out the first of the MomBlogs, and it’s been fun to watch each new one appear. (While waiting in excruciating suspense to find out what mine will look like and what it’s going to be called, because they asked for suggestions but haven’t said yet whether they actually, you know, LIKED any of my suggestions, and the suspense is so great I am completely unable to concentrate on the laundry. Oh that’s right, I don’t DO laundry. Whew.) Having recently developed an appetite for food blogs (ba dum bum), I am particularly intrigued by Big Slice of Life, Small Slice of Cheesecake‘s new “Small Slice” sidebar feature, where blogger Jenny Lauck (aka BigSlice) promises to post daily photos of her dinners, complete with instructions. I love it when food bloggers allow me to vicariously savor their meals while I eat my frozen pizza.

As for me, I have been asked to focus primarily (but not solely) on the topics of homeschooling and special-needs children. (Including, sometimes, homeschooling special-needs children.) I will still be blogging here at Bonny Glen, especially on all things related to children’s literature and the living-books lifestyle. And if there are any topics or questions you would like to see addressed either here or there, please do drop me a note!

Mrs. Child on Broth

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“Beef tea, for the sick, is made by broiling a tender steak nicely, seasoning it with pepper and salt, cutting it up, and pouring water over it, not quite boiling. Put in a little water at a time, and let it stand to soak the goodness out.”

The American Frugal Housewife
by Lydia Maria Child

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