Technical Difficulties

July 13, 2006 @ 5:52 am | Filed under: Uncategorized

Typepad was down for much of the day yesterday and a bunch of us lost posts…I’ll be back later in the day.


Three months old! I am pink all over!

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  1. I tried to comment several times on how beautiful your blog is. The nomination is well deserved. Congratulations!

  2. Your baby is really beautiful too!

  3. She is so cute I wish I had one just like her living at my house! Alas, I live too far away to beg for baby-holding privileges.

  4. She’s beautiful! She looks like Rose when she was a baby.

  5. God She is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. The TypePad thing was quite frustrating. But what a wonderful photo! She’s beautiful, Lissa!

  8. She is too, too snuggly.

  9. She is just beautiful!

  10. ooh she is so sweet!! snuggle that little one for us!! You must be sooo proud!

  11. Oh, she’s just gorgeous!!!!

  12. She’s so adorable!!! Hoping you’re keeping your head above water, I know what youre going through!! 🙂 & Hugs!