Something It’s Important to Know About Living in Southern California

November 9, 2006 @ 7:37 am | Filed under:

If the Santa Anas are blowing, you’ll want to ditch your jack-o-lantern as soon as Halloween is over. No chilly, pumpkin-preserving, procrastination-permitting East Coast days here, baby.


(Yes, that’s a slime trail of pumpkin juice oozing across the stoop. Gack.)

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  1. Avatar

    Steve Clackson says:

    It’s -32 with the windchill here. I just threw our two rock solid ones in the garbage. On the bright side no guck!

  2. Avatar

    Theresa says:

    I learned the same lesson in FL. Ugh! On the bright side, I bet it would look great under a microscope!

  3. Avatar

    Katherine in TX says:

    That’s a pumpkin carving hazard in Texas too! 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Love2learn Mom says:

    Funny! Last year I discovered ours frozen solid to the front porch in early December. oops!

  5. Avatar

    Margaret in Minnesota says:

    Too, too funny! And the little face on that pumpkin looks like a “Peanuts” cartoon!

  6. Avatar

    Kristen Laurence says:

    Funny, we had an identical pumpkin on our front porch here in Orange County! I threw him away yesterday, but he left behind a big white stain at our front door. (I’m embarrased to admit he was also full of gray fuzzy mold when I tossed him out!)

  7. Avatar

    Jennifer says:

    That actually looks very appropriately greusome. And our’s here in the South go out the very next day. Bleh.

  8. Avatar

    Cay says:

    Having lived in Louisiana all my life, I thought this was the normal cycle of a jack-o-lantern. LOL

    Ours went in the burn pile a few days ago, after I caught the girls and their neighborhood pals poking sticks in the poor pumpkin’s belly and shouting: “Oooooo…”

  9. Avatar

    Jennifer says:

    Having grew up in CO, the first year we were here in the FL Keys I blithely bought our pumpkins 2 WEEKS before Halloween for Autumnal Decor on the bow of the boat. Picture me preparing to open Jack up and my ENTIRE fist sinking into his head of goo. Gack! is right.

  10. Avatar

    Cheryl says:

    I ditto Cay….normal stuff for hot, humid south Louisiana…hey, it happens even before Halloween 🙁

  11. Avatar

    Hooly says:

    So…let me get this straight.
    We haven’t gotten to see your lovely new house yet but you *do* treat us to pictures of your rotted, oozing pumpkin.

    Niiiiice to know where we stand 😉


  12. Avatar

    xixi says:

    lol it reminds me of the snowmen calvin and hobbes build.

  13. Avatar

    crissa says:

    My poor pumpkins don’t last long in the tropics….Two days later, they’re already moldy!

  14. Avatar

    Mary Beth P says:

    You did well, having just moved! My pumpkin is still sitting on my sideboard, waiting to be carved.

  15. Avatar

    Karen E. says:

    Yeah, yeah, but I think your husband has the real story. 🙂

  16. Avatar

    Maureen says:

    I’m not sure I ever caught the root cause for your cross-country move, Lissa……dh’s work?

    I’ve always wondered how people from other parts of the country find the cost of living in California. We’d need farm-aid if my dh were ever transferred there!

  17. Avatar

    St. Therese Academy says:

    Poetry Friday

    Lissa, this one’s for you: The Time Has Come By Jack Prelutsky I think the time has come to throw the jack-o’-lantern out, it smells less like a pumpkin than it does like sauerkraut. Its expression is peculiar, it has

  18. Avatar

    Alice Gunther says:

    Kind of gives the place a Sleepy Hollow look!

  19. Avatar

    leticia says:

    My pumpkins look like that here on Long Island, where it’s 50 degrees and rainy!