Your Guess Is as Good as Mine

November 28, 2006 @ 11:03 am | Filed under: Uncategorized


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  1. Hmmmm, even with 17 years experience at deciphering kids’ drawings, I’m at a loss. You will let us know after you figure it out, yes?

  2. Makes perfect sense to me 😉

  3. Beautiful little oragami dragons drawn in beautiful colors????

  4. Could the top one be a baby in a manger?

    The inquiry intending to cause the viewer to ponder their relationship with Him?

    (Probably way off… but that’s what came to mind. Must be the season.)

  5. I think the top is a cash register and the bottom is a little girl juggling origami birds.

  6. Ok, turns out that the top is a fairy family representing our family on a table. The words and the other picture have yet to be deciphered.